Are you feeling exhausted and overwhelmed by the early stages of motherhood?

Do you experience self-doubt and feel confused by conflicting parenting advice?

Are you a highly sensitive person or an empath who gets swept by big emotions?

Do you want to feel more connected to yourself as a new mother?

If you answered yes to most of these questions, you landed in the right place.

You are not alone!

The early stages of motherhood often come as a shock to new mothers.  Most new mothers report feeling utterly unprepared for motherhood. They experience exhaustion and self-doubt. What they expected to be a blissful experience feels like a bitter-sweet one.

Welcome exhausted and confused New Mama!

Do you want to feel more confident and peaceful during these early stages?

If so, I’ll show you how!

Hello, I’m Céline! I can help you overcome the emotional overwhelm of early motherhood. With the right tools, you can transform self-doubt and exhaustion into self-trust and gratitude.  You can live your life feeling more connected to yourself and joyful.

I share self-care and meditation practices helping you nurture yourself as a new mama.

My self-care and meditation practices invite you to embrace the chaos of early motherhood. Surrendering to the rawness of your experience will connect you to your “inner-mama” voice. Together we will tap into the hidden reservoirs of the Feminine so you can emerge as a powerful thriving mama!

You can read my blog here and find out about my upcoming course for new mamas here.