7 Comforting Blogs for New Mothers

Being a new mom can be a lonely and confusing experience. Sometimes all you need is to realize that other women have also been there. How about reading some comforting words instead of reading another parenting website? Here are seven blog posts that will support you and inspire you as a new mama!

1. If you need validation of your emotions In The Truth about New Motherhood, Sheryl Paul is a master at validating your emotions as a new mom. She describes the high expectations our culture has about motherhood. These high expectations contrast the more nuanced reality of new mothers. If you are prone to self-doubt, this article will be like a cup of warm chocolate. It will bring you exactly the comfort and understanding you need as a new mom.

2. If you want to nourish your amazing body
Julia Jones at Nourishing Newborn Mothers is the go-to person if you want to nourish your body after the birth. She shares traditional practices and simple recipes based on the science of Ayurveda. These will give what your body needs to recover during this vulnerable time. So ditch the frozen lasagna and try this yummy cinnamon rice porridge instead! This is what wise mamas have been eating for centuries in other parts of the world! Julia Jones’ blog is also full of practical tips to care of yourself while having a newborn.

3. If you want to be in good company
Since i assume you rarely have two free hands, I thought I would also include a podcast in my list. Julie Tenner and Bridget Wood from Nourishing the Mother are brilliant at sharing honest accounts of their motherhood journeys. They have dozens of amazing podcasts. If I have to choose one about early motherhood, I recommend 5 things no one tells you about motherhood. The first two things they discuss are isolation and infatuation (with your baby!). Listen to the podcast to discover the 3 other things no one tells you about motherhood!

4If you want to have a good laugh 

Sometimes a good laugh is all you need. Karen Alpert just does that in her hilarious letter called “Dear brand new mom“. Not only will you have a good laugh reading it, but you will also want to hug the author for her honesty.. Here is s taste like of it: “I just wish someone had told me being a parent kind of sucks at first. That way I would have know I wasn’t a failure.” Yes to that!


5. If you want a good cry
If you want to be moved to tears, read this amazing post by Jessica Dimas. She writes a letter to her young son, starting with “You won’t remember. But I will.” She has a knack for articulating the fleeting nature of motherhood. This post went viral and got translated in many languages. Not surprising as it definitely strikes a universal chord for mothers.

6. If you want to understand why early motherhood can feel like a cultural shock
In this powerful article, Esther Walker explains why having a newborn can feel like a cultural shock. In a powerful account of her own experience, she explains that exhaustion and distress are not necessarily signs of post natal depression. Instead they are a symptom of a society who does not prepare women for motherhood.

7. If you ever have time for a book…
If you ever have the time or energy to read an actual book, then read “What mothers do, especially when it looks like nothing” by Naomi Stadlen. This book is one of a kind. It describes with minutiae the invisible work of motherhood. It is based on years of conversations between the author and new mothers. A real gem for any new mother who needs a break from parenting advice.

Which suggestion resonated with you? Any other blog or book about early motherhood you found helpful? Please share in the comments!

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