My story

Hi, I’m  Celine, mom of a little boy and passionate about emotional health, self-care and motherhood. Like most expecting mamas, I had not focused on anything beyond the birth during pregnancy.  Becoming a mother shook me to the core in a way that I did notexpect. I was struck by the exhaustion and emotional upheaval of early motherhood. In retrospect, this shouldn’t have surprised me: as a highly sensitive person, transitions don’t sit well with me and I need tools to process them.

Being a self-help junkie, I looked for resources online to help me navigate this transition emotionally. But all I could find were information about Post natal depression and programs for mother of older kids. So I began to develop my own self-care practices and adapted them for early motherhood.

I started to treat myself as a newborn mother who needed as much care and patience as my newborn baby. My perception of early motherhood began to shift. I saw the first stages of motherhood as a rite of passage. It turned out to be a perfect opportunity to practice mindfulness and gratitude. I decided to share these practices here so that new mamas can feel supported during this profound transition

You can read my blog here and find out about my upcoming signature course for new mamas here.