10 Ideas to replenish yourself while your baby naps on you


First nap: trying to escape for a much needed break

Your baby is finally dozing off for his much awaited nap. He is peacefully snuggled in your arms. You observe his sweet breath coming in and out of his miraculous little body. As he releases your breast from his mouth and lets his body heavily sinks into yours, you start planning your escape, also known as the much needed break you’ve been waiting for since you woke up at 5 am.

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Self-Care Practices for Highly Sensitive Mamas

I have a confession: I’m a bit uneasy about the term “self-care” for moms. It makes me feel uncomfortable because I know that it can be misunderstood as another “to-do” on the already very long list of to-dos. As a mother, your children’s needs usually come first and yours last. And as a “highly sensitive” mother, your energy can get depleted very quickly by all the stimulation of motherhood: the noise, the emotions and being “on” pretty much all the time. Your feelings, sensations, and emotions can become really overwhelming if you don’t have practices to keep you grounded. I want to show you how self-care can be something that you not only can really look forward to, but can also practice anywhere and anytime.  No more trying to stick to a rigid self-care routine that you dread!

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7 Comforting Blogs for New Mothers

Being a new mom can be a lonely and confusing experience. Sometimes all you need is to realize that other women have also been there. How about reading some comforting words instead of reading another parenting website? Here are seven blog posts that will support you and inspire you as a new mama!

1. If you need validation of your emotions In The Truth about New Motherhood, Sheryl Paul is a master at validating your emotions as a new mom. She describes the high expectations our culture has about motherhood. These high expectations contrast the more nuanced reality of new mothers. If you are prone to self-doubt, this article will be like a cup of warm chocolate. It will bring you exactly the comfort and understanding you need as a new mom. Continue reading

7 steps to stay calm when baby is crying

Have you ever been in this situation: You do everything to soothe your baby but s/he won’t stop crying? Isn’t it the worst feeling in the world? Well here is what happened to me a few days ago: it’s  10:30 pm and I’m in the living room walking with my overtired 9 months old in my arms. As I walk to the bedroom, he starts crying inconsolably. I hold him, cuddle him, nurse him, rock him and sing songs to him. But nothing is working.The crying is breaking my heart and driving me crazy. I want it to stop. As my irritation grows I try to be mindful of my emotions and discomfort. I shift my focus from trying to change my baby’s behavior to feeling my own emotions. By allowing myself to feel my raw emotions, I go from frustration to gratitude and finally feel centered. Here’s how: Continue reading